I Can Haz Genius?

I don’t get Genius Hour.  I don’t.  Really. Type “genius” into Google and you get this:  “a person who is exceptionally intelligent or creative, either generally or in some particular respect.” The obvious low hanging criticism of genius hour is the name itself, and that being a genius, or demonstrating the qualities of a genius, […]

10X Thinking 10X Leadership

It’s easy to become a complacent thinker.  Its easy to apply your current framework of thinking to new encounters, ideas, and propositions.  Its easy to think within boundaries, within familiar containers, and within normal.  Its not easy to push through that threshold to unleash your thinking, to discard and lay behind you the boundaries that […]

Tomorrow is Too Late

My last year has been an interesting one. As many of you know, I left education after a 27 year career to go over to the corporate side.  It’s been almost a year now, and I’ve worked with some absolutely great people, and learned a great deal and continue do so.  I consider myself fortunate […]

Towards a Consideration of Space

I continually see pictures of classrooms with 1:1 technology that are characterized by students sitting in some type of desks, typically the steel-framed desk that are arranged in rows.  It just doesn’t look right… So the other day I tweeted:  Space. The forgotten element of a 1:1 initiative. #missedopportunity? I’m wondering why the spaces that […]

Innovation, Size and Scale

Innovation doesn’t necessarily entail creating something entirely new.  It’s not the same as invention.  Sarah Krasley I’m wondering what your school will look like in 5 years.  The same?  Different?  Slight changes, or major changes?  What about in 10 years?  20 years? Do you expect the school you work in to look significantly different in […]

Education as Container

As a profession, and as an experience, K-12 education in the U.S. is containerized. There are containers that delineate roles:  administrators, teachers, staff, students, and parents.  And that’s just a start. There are containers that represent experiences:  classrooms, instruction, assessment, curriculum, bell schedule, the school year, and professional development. It’s even possible to represent a […]

Denaturizing Learning

I’m sure everyone reading this has fried an egg. If you haven’t, you basically heat up a skillet, add a little butter, crack the egg into the skillet and wait a couple of minutes, flipping it once. You’ll notice that there is a yolk and some clear gel-like substance when the egg is added to […]

Not So Fast…

I just had the opportunity to present at the GAFE Southern Summit in Atlanta over past weekend.  One of my sessions introduced participants to the process of design thinking.  While it is a challenge to “do” design thinking in an hour, I had a great group and it was a lot of fun. I’ve been […]

The New Computer Lab

Walk into any school and you’ll see them. A room filled with desktops and monitors arranged in rows…the computer lab.  Everyone reading this knows the story:  As a teacher, you decide you need some computers, you sign-up for the lab, take your kids there and they start computing.  Such a model has been in place […]

My Manifesto To Learning

At my keynote at the recent Midwest Google Summit, I challenged the educators to write their own manifesto associated with teaching and learning. In my opinion, a really good manifesto gets after it, puts ideas out there, and is on the edge.  So, several asked: “Where is yours?” A great question, so here it is.  […]