Risky Business

I hear from educators all the time about the fears that they have about changing what they do. What if I try things and they don’t work?  If I’m a teacher and I fail at something, how will I be perceived?  By my colleagues?  By my students? By parents? What will happen if I try […]

The Moment of An Idea

Sometimes an idea can make perfect sense and it’s recognized as the way. Everyone jumps on board. The person that came up with the idea is admired and congratulated. Sometimes an idea just doesn’t resonate and it gets pushed to the side, destined to fade away and to be forgotten. Not valuing an idea whose […]

The Most Dangerous Word in Education

It’s integrate.  Hands down. To me, to integrate means to assimilate.  To integrate something means to fit it into the existing and traditional containers of education.  To integrate means to find a way something new can be used to do something old.  To integrate means to find a way that something that could potentially create […]

Reinventing the Wheel?

I saw a tweet the other day that suggested educators shouldn’t “reinvent the wheel” and that there was much to learn from what others were doing. “Don’t reinvent the wheel.”  Everyone knows what that means.  It’s already out there, others are doing it, and it works, so why should anyone invest time in recreating or rethinking […]

Thinking Outside the Box v2.0

Is your organization innovative? Certainly, innovation is contextual, and what represents innovative thought and practice for one organization might not necessarily be innovative for another.  Becoming more innovative means becoming intimately aware of the importance of your organizational culture and the context it creates for thinking in new ways. It’s my belief that creating a […]

Path v2.0: My New Opportunity

Almost two years ago I wrote a post about leaving education after a 27 year career to pursue a passion around design and learning spaces. My opportunities working with The Third Teacher+ have been everything I thought they would be and more.  In the past two years, I’ve grown tremendously as a professional, had the […]

The Importance of Words in Education

The language of education has an enormous impact on how educators shape conversations about change in schools. That makes sense – words and how they are used matter. As you know, words in any language carry meaning, and that meaning is developed over the time the word is part of the language it supports. The […]

Chat Madness!

My contention is that most Twitter chats are about things that most competent teachers should already know. Is it really necessary to have chat topics on homework, classroom management, administrators preventing innovation, engaging parents, etc. etc?  One chat on a Saturday morning even discussed …substitutes.  UPDATE:  Sunday morning chat on field trips.  #omg Most Twitter chats are […]

Type, Think and…and then Erase

I’ve probably erased more tweets than I’ve sent.  And I’ve posted over 22,000 tweets. You’ve all been there, right?  You see a tweet that you just have to respond to, you type it out, all proud of yourself for the witty response, and then something says…Nah, better not.  And you erase it. But sometimes you […]

I Can Haz Genius?

I don’t get Genius Hour.  I don’t.  Really. Type “genius” into Google and you get this:  “a person who is exceptionally intelligent or creative, either generally or in some particular respect.” The obvious low hanging criticism of genius hour is the name itself, and that being a genius, or demonstrating the qualities of a genius, […]