Educon 2.7 and Imagining Digital Spaces for Learning

On Sunday, during Session 4, I’m leading a conversation on imagining digital spaces for learning.  With the investment in ubiquitous technology, it’s time to talk about what that technology connects to beyond Google Apps.  The time for dedicated digital spaces for learning that share a partnership with the physical space, but can stand alone on […]

Learning @ the Speed of Technology

I’ll be traveling from the Midwest Google Summit to Illinois State University on Tuesday, November 5th to do the keynote for the T21Con Conference and the ISU College of Education.  I’ll be speaking about educational technology to a large group of students who are studying to be teachers, about what makes sense, what does effective use […]

Crossing Wisconsin

I’ll be keynoting the Midwest Google Summit in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin this upcoming Monday and doing several presentations.  It’s always my pleasure to return to central Wisconsin where I went to college as I had a great experience at UW-Stevens Point. The keynote takes me into new territory, and is a reflection of my new work […]

GAFE Summit Illinois

This Wednesday and Thursday (3/27 – 3/28) I’ll be presenting at the Illinois Google Apps for Education Summit in Northbrook, Illinois, at Glenbrook North High School.  It’s my third GAFE Summit (joining GAFE New England and GAFE Southern Summit) and I’m looking forward to connecting with friends and learning new things about Google Apps, which […]

GAFE Summit New England

I’ll be at the Google Apps for Education New England Summit in Burlington, Massachusetts this weekend, November 3 and 4.  It will be my second GAFE Southern Summit, and I’m looking forward to working with Chris Craft, Jim Sill, Chris Bell, Mark Wagner, and many others.  The Southern Summit was characterized by a lot of […]

TCEA TEC SIG | Learning at the Speed of Technology

I’ll be returning next week (October 3-5, 2012) to one of my favorite towns, Austin, Texas to keynote the TCEA Technology Coordinators Special Interest Group (TEC SIG).  It’s always my honor to work with the fine people in Texas and see some of my friends, who I can honestly say have become some of my […]

Learning at the Speed of Technology | NYSCATE Summer Leadership Conference

I’ll be in Troy, New York for the NYSCATE/SAANYS Summer Leadership Institute on July 26 and 27, 2012. It’s my honor to do the opening keynote for the conference and support the essential work of NYSCATE and SAANYS (School Administrators Association of New York State). The conference theme is the “changing landscape of the digital […]

What If? | NYSCATE Summer Leadership Conference

What If? has probably become my favorite presentation as I can go in many different directions with it.  I just did a “What If?” Ignite session at ISTE (I begin at 23.57) – 5 minutes of presentation across 20 slides with the slide deck advancing every 15 seconds.  It was an interesting experience to say the […]

ISTE Webinar | Social Media and Device Guidelines

On Wednesday, March 28, 2012, I’ll be presenting another Webinar for the International Society of Technology in Education (ISTE). I’ve done a number of them now and I really enjoy them, especially the professional way they are run by Debren Ferris. This one is specifically on guidelines for social media use in school and student-owned […]

NEOTech Conference | Akron, Ohio

I’ll be keynoting the Northeast Ohio Regional Technology Conference at the University of Akron, in Akron, on Friday, March 16, 2012.  Read more at The Strength of Weak Ties.