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smallfootballlineBoundaries represent limits.  Lines in the sand.  Something not to cross.  And if you do so, you do so at your own peril.

Staying within boundaries means coloring within lines.  If I was a kindergarten teacher, I’d give a kid an A+ for completing a coloring with everything outside the lines colored. (FULL DISCLOSURE:  I don’t really know if they color in kindergarten anymore.)

Education has neatly colored it’s picture for decades.

How important is it to step beyond boundaries to test ideas and to test yourself?

On one side of the boundary is the land of status quo.  Safe. Predictable. And in some cases, easy.

Beyond the boundary lies the potential for disruption, for innovation, for a different way.  Between the two, is the edge, the tension and dynamic between what has always been and what could be.

How do you step through the edge?

What exactly are you willing to risk?  And in some schools, it’s a big risk.

But stepping beyond the comfort of the status quo is how you become great.  It’s how you become a true leader.  It’s what true leaders do, and do without regret or pause. Because it’s really the only way.

For many, this weekend at Educon may have provided a push to the edge, perhaps it was even the final catalyst required for stepping through into a more innovative place and space.

Perhaps you found the one idea, the one conversation that was required.  Perhaps you met just the right people.

But maybe it was just going to see friends to get energized by the people you know are interested in crossing that line to something better, more innovative, and more relevent.

Of course, this conference is only one way to step through a boundary that is professional, or perhaps even deeply personal.

The truly important thing is that you make the choice, if you are capable and have a true want, to take the step, and earn that A+.


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