Tomorrow is Too Late

My last year has been an interesting one.

As many of you know, I left education after a 27 year career to go over to the corporate side.  It’s been almost a year now, and I’ve worked with some absolutely great people, and learned a great deal and continue do so.  I consider myself fortunate to have had the experience as I can now fairly accurately gauge the school vs. corporate environment and their differences.

turtleTo be perfectly honest, there are some things that the educational profession does better than the corporate world.  And there are things that corporate entities do much better than education.  That shouldn’t come as a surprise I guess, every profession can’t be good at everything and there is always room for improvement.  No one is perfect.

An interesting difference between the two is how change is viewed, especially with regards to the rate of change.  It’s been interesting lately to watch how educators view change, and what the rate of that should be.   I’ve seen comments from educators that range from “we don’t want to overwhelm teachers” to “slow and steady wins the race” and “one step at a time.”  All are common refrains that thread through social media.

So, I wonder about the urgency that the educational profession has regarding improvement and the change required to do so.  Realistically, does education in 2014 have the time for “slow and steady?”

This is indeed a big difference from business.  There’s no time for “slow and steady” and the one step thing.  Put it into play and see what happens.

Simply stated, tomorrow is too late in the business world.

Now before you start letting me know its about kids and that makes it different, I would probably say that’s too easy of an answer.  There are numerous things in schools that can be quickly prototyped without a survey, without committees, and without visitations to other schools.

In my experience, and personally, I would have liked to have developed a mindset that embraced a process of rapid prototyping, and the capacity for tolerating the mistakes and the necessary course-correction required to make something better.  Get over it and get better at it.

Schools shouldn’t be like businesses and anyone that tells that they should is wrong.   But the urgency towards action that the corporate side has is something that should be explored by educational institutions, and tomorrow, because its really never too late.


Box Turtle CloseUp by Audrey, Some Rights Reserved




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