Educon 2.7 and Imagining Digital Spaces for Learning

On Sunday, during Session 4, I’m leading a conversation on imagining digital spaces for learning.  With the investment in ubiquitous technology, it’s time to talk about what that technology connects to beyond Google Apps.  The time for dedicated digital spaces for learning that share a partnership with the physical space, but can stand alone on their own as a viable learning space, is indeed here.

educonI’d like to give you a preview of what this session will be about and how we will work during our time together.

Our 90 minutes will be divided equally into three sessions of thirty minutes, so we will follow a 30:30:30 framework.

Each of those 30 minutes have a focus:  the initial 30 minutes will be a set of provocations that promote a discussion on digital spaces.  This discussion will provide a context for the next session, which will be a design session where you will collaboratively prototype a next generation digital space.  The final 30 minutes is allocated for pitching your design, and impressing us.

So, 30:30:30 and Discuss:Design:Debrief

This will be highly conceptual in nature.  It will be about designing for a more expansive condition of learning.  Discussion of specific tools is outlawed. (“When tools are outlawed, only outlaws will have tools.”)  My main provocation for the time will be:  “Where are your big ideas?”

If you can’t make it to Philly, you can participate in the online component of the session.  A session about digital spaces for learning better have an effective methodology for integrating off-site participants.  You can expect that from me-more on that later.

You can preview the design portion of the experience here if you would like to get a feel for the expectations of the session.

If all of that intrigues you, then I’ll see you for a high-intensity, provocative, and useful session on Sunday.



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