Reinventing the Wheel?

I saw a tweet the other day that suggested educators shouldn’t “reinvent the wheel” and that there was much to learn from what others were doing.

“Don’t reinvent the wheel.”  Everyone knows what that means.  It’s already out there, others are doing it, and it works, so why should anyone invest time in recreating or rethinking it?

Wheel of a car on a road

Multiple choice tests work.  They do.   Sitting kids in rows works.  It has for a long time.   Lectures work.   Hallways do too.

They work for a particular vision of a learning experience.  The question is:  Do they work for what you want learning to be for your kids today?

Multiple choice tests, sitting kids in rows listening to lectures, and hallways are some of the “wheels” in education.

I would offer that there is no better time for reinventing the wheel than now.  It’s exactly what education should do.

So, what if other industries never “reinvented the wheel?”  How would progress happen, how would things improve, how would creativity and innovation occur in a world where being satisfied is the norm?

Wouldn’t it be interesting if everything that educators looked at was looked at with a curious eye, one that cast a question forward about how things could be different and perhaps be better?  What if educators adopted a mindset where everything was open to investigation and improvement?

The start of school is a terrific time to reinvent wheels and adopt a lens that enables a different worldview.

So go ahead, reinvent the wheel because the wheel needs reinventing.

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