What If? | NYSCATE Summer Leadership Conference

What If? has probably become my favorite presentation as I can go in many different directions with it.  I just did a “What If?” Ignite session at ISTE (I begin at 23.57) – 5 minutes of presentation across 20 slides with the slide deck advancing every 15 seconds.  It was an interesting experience to say the least as the slides advanced much faster live than they did in my practice session.  I can honestly say it was somewhat intimidating but a great learning experience for me.  I found it among the hardest presentations I have done.  Next time I’ll tell a story for 5 minutes with generalized imagery..

In any case, this version of “What If” will have a dose of design thinking inserted into it to provide context for the ideation process associated with asking “what if?  Participants will have a chance to see how the design thinking process can be used to address the challenges our schools face.

I started doing this presentation because I believe that education has lost much of its capacity to imagine…and to generate the ideas necessary for significant and meaningful change.  I simply wanted to remind people that ideas are good, and that ideas always have their place in organizations interested in improvement.  Ideas can push boundaries, one idea can lead to more ideas, and new ideas can be the raw material for change.

Any change in schools requires dialog and conversation, and a climate where ideas can be brought forth and be heard.    Change only can occur when there exists a language capable of supporting that change.  Being able to express ideas freely and openly, without reprisal, and without someone using  the dreaded idea-killing “Yah But,” should be a goal of all schools.

Being able to ask “What If?” is a starting point for change for all schools.  I hope to see you there.

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