Learning at the Speed of Technology | NYSCATE Summer Leadership Conference

I’ll be in Troy, New York for the NYSCATE/SAANYS Summer Leadership Institute on July 26 and 27, 2012. It’s my honor to do the opening keynote for the conference and support the essential work of NYSCATE and SAANYS (School Administrators Association of New York State). The conference theme is the “changing landscape of the digital education environment.” Eric Sheninger closes the conference with the second day keynote.

This session, “Learning at the Speed of Technology” explores the dramatic and swift changes taking place in online learning environments, and the associated tools used to access and learn in those environments. Specifically, I’ll be exploring:

  • the rise of massive open online courses (MOOC’s and others) and networked learning
  • the rise of ubiquitous device ownership, the emergence of new devices, and the challenge of equity
  • the emergence of bring your own device environments and 1:1 environments
  • the rise of video (Kahn Academy, Kahn/MIT, Flipping the Classroom, TED Ed)
  • the rise of cloud-based resources for collaboration and creation (Google Apps)
  • the emergence of new learning resources such as digital textbooks
  • accreditation of new types of learning through badges
  • the rise of informal learning opportunities sites (Skillshare, HourSchool)

Of course, the first step is understanding the landscape (what).   I’ll challenge the audience to make sense of all of this (so what) and how it scales and impacts education (now what).

As always, I’m looking forward to returning to New York to work with the fine educators there.

You can see my resources and slide deck  for this presentation over at my presentation site (jakes.editme.com)…


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