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clarity2Definition:  clearness or lucity as to perception or understanding; freedom from indistinctness or ambiguity…Dictionary.com

There are times when you see things cleary, times when the path and course are illuminated with focus and purpose.

During these times, seeing with clarity can lead to conviction, and conviction to action.

At other times, the ability to perceive may be clouded, and action is impeded by hesitancy.

It is a lucky person who percevies his or her world with perfect clarity.  Most likely that doesn’t occur – our worldview is often clouded by the events of our lives, our profession, and our families and responsibilities, forcing us to view our actions through a lens that is less than clear.

It’s easy to get distracted – there are constant demands on our attention and our vision of what’s next.  The hyperlinked world is just that, with the next distraction just a click away, with the next conversation starting, and with the loud and permeating distraction of multiple voices, all competing for your time, thoughts, and effort.

But can you recall a moment, that moment, a fork in the road for you perhaps, either personally or professionally that you saw with absolute clarity?  And how you acted in response?  It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, you know it.  What were the conditions that contributed to that clarity?

Of course, over time, age and experience contribute to your abiltiy to see with clear eyes.

It’s called wisdom.

What conditions can you create personally that would enable you to see with clarity and act with conviction?

What would that take and would it be worth the effort?  What would you need to discard?  What would you keep?

Do you have that strength to do that?  How would you rethink you?

Similarly, what has your organization done recently to clarify the purpose and intent of the organization itself, and its path of action?   Has leadership created the conditions that favor focus and action, and that enable all to see the course, the way?

Or, has your school lost its focus, its clarity of conviction?  Has your school become bogged down in minutia, trying to satisfy the demands of too many mandates and too many special interests?

Is your school so narrowly focused now that you’ve lost sight of the most important aspects of what you do and what you want to become?  Have you?

So, take the time to refocus.  Strip away the extraneous. Talk about your vision and what’s important for your school. Teachers, step up and demand that conversation.  Administrators, listen and help build concensus towards a dedicated pathway. Help build clarity of purpose, conviction and action.  That’s what leaders do.

But most importantly, trust that you know what to do.  Trust what you want is what you should do and become.

“We see in order to move; we move in order to see.”  -William Gibson


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