GAFE Summit Illinois

This Wednesday and Thursday (3/27 – 3/28) I’ll be presenting at the Illinois Google Apps for Education Summit in Northbrook, Illinois, at Glenbrook North High School.  It’s my il gafethird GAFE Summit (joining GAFE New England and GAFE Southern Summit) and I’m looking forward to connecting with friends and learning new things about Google Apps, which has become a cornerstone of our technology landscape at Glenbrook South.  I’ll also be participating in the Google Apps Demo Slam at the end of Wednesday, doing a short presentation on the use of voice annotation and Google Docs, entitled “Talk to Your Doc.”

I’ll be doing two formal presentations at the conference.  Here is an overview of each:

Understanding Google Chrome and Drive | Session 2, 11:30-12:30, Spartan Conference Room | Session Resources

In this session, I’ll present an overview of the Chrome landscape by focusing on applications, extensions, and the ability of users to interact with these resources in a multi-device ecosystem.  We’ll explore the role of Chrome in a BYOD and 1:1 implementation, and draw some conclusions about how Chrome can support an any device, anytime, anywhere learning trajectory.  Additionally, we’ll discuss the emergence of Google Drive applications, and how these tools, when installed into Drive itself, compliment and extend the file sharing-collaborative nature of Drive.

If you haven’t done a deep drive into Chrome and Drive, this session will jumpstart you on taking the use of a browser to the next level.  The session is appropriate for users of any experience.,

Creating Immersive Learning Environments with Mixed Media and Google | Session 5, 10-11, Green and Gold Conference Room | Session Resources

I’ve long been interested in visual literacy (see my framework for visual literacy learning) and how to take advantage of the enormous media capacity of the Web to build engaging and interactive learning environments.  To that end, this presentation will explore how to use two contemporary platforms, Google Sites and Google Earth, as design environments for learning.  My intent is to share how to build these media-rich environments so teachers can create them, but also have that understanding transfer from teacher to student, so students can represent what they know by creating as well.

The session also has an important connection to mobile devices and creating accessible instructional environments for mobiles.  I’ll ask this question, which I think is a critical question: “Are you designing for mobiles?”

Specifically, I’ll be designing a Kennedy Assassination exercise that helps students enter into a discussion of the event and its impact.  I’ll be designing in Google Sites, and will be blending YouTube and Vimeo video, Google Streetview resources, imagery from Flickr, Slideshare, links, text, and a Google Doc together in a single page through linking and embedding techniques.  You can see the page prior to building here.

In the second, I’ll be designing Carpocalyspe, a mixed media lesson on the migration of Asian carp (bigheads and silver carp) through the Mississippi River basin with a focus on Chicago as the linchpin in the migration of the fishes into the Great Lakes. Since it deals with migration, and that carries a geographical context, I’ll be using Google Earth as my design platform.  Think of each placemark that is created as a “mini-google-site.”  Again, I’ll be blending video, imagery, text, and Slideshare content into an interactive Google Earth lesson.

If you are attending the conference, be sure to say hello, and if interested in these topics, I’ll see you at my sessions. 🙂


  1. Both of those sessions sound great. The Carpocalpspe especially so. Wish I could fly in. We need to get you out here for the Oregon GAFE summit…

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