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On this page, I’ve assembled a collection of online artifacts and resources that are reflective of my work and capabilities.  To the left in the menu bar, you’ll find links to my four online resources, which represent my contributions to the field of education over the past decade.

My Career, In Detail:  If you would like to see my full background over 29 years, my curriculum vitae is here.

My Current Position:  I have recently launched David Jakes Designs, LLC, a design studio dedicated to exploring the relationships and interactions between teaching, learning, technology, leadership and space design.

Work with The Third Teacher+:  For the past two years, I w learning space designer for CannonDesign and The Third Teacher+ in Chicago, Illinois, USA where I was responsible for supporting the design process for creating new and renovated school spaces.  My role included providing an “educators lens” to the process of school design, as well as helping to craft digital designs for learning.  With my education background, I also provided professional learning experiences for The Third Teacher+ clients.  Below is an example of a “learning space playbook” created for The Lovett School in Atlanta, Georgia that was the result of post-occupancy work and that supported professional development work.

My Connections:  Over a career of twenty nine years, I’ve connected with some of the finest technologists and educators in the world.  These connections represent a distributed network of individuals with unique skills and mindsets that influence and contribute to my accomplishments, and that I rely on as contributors and mentors.  Connections matter.

My Presentations:  I have been presenting at the national (US) level since 1995, and have presented in Canada, Europe and China.  The presentations I have given over that time span reflect the development of my ideas about the intersection of learning and technology.  My presentations ( can be viewed at my presentation site) and my slidedecks can be viewed at Slideshare.  Since 2008, my slidedecks have been viewed a total of  161926 views, 2193 slidedecks have been downloaded, and there have been 541 favorites made.

A List of Presentations:  here are the conferences and locations that I have presented at recently.

Presentation Resources:  I host the content that I present at conferences at David Jakes Presentation Resources.  Here are examples of how I support my attendees with additional resources beyond the presentation itself:

What If The Story Changed?  My 2012 K12 Online Presentation.  This presentation asks educators to rethink the story of education, and how to begin creating the language necessary to create the conditions in a school that are capable of supporting systemic change.

My most recent keynote, given at the Texas Computer Education Association (TCEA) Librarian and Media Specialist Academy, February 5, 2015
Here is the video of my 2012 keynote at the TCEA TEC-SIG Conference in Austin, Texas
Here is the video of the panel on design thinking that i did with Grant Wiggins, Kristen Swanson, and Don Buckley.
My work with students:
Digital Storytelling:  over my education career, I’ve helped over 3000 students create digital stories.  More than creating a video, digital stories help students find their voice, and help them realize that they can use contemporary media to stand up and say “Here is what I am, and here is what I believe.”   To that end, the video below was produced as part of the “Digital Diplomacy Project” at Downers Grove North High School, which empowered students to communicate what it means to be an American, to their peers around the world.

My Writing:  I’ve been writing in a number of venues about technology and learning, including on my blog, The Strength of Weak Ties and now on, since 2005.  Here are representative blog posts that reflect how I write:

Words Matter:  I  to publish my thoughts on education, technology and learning, in a popular series called “Words Matter,” where I explore the contemporary meaning of one to two words.  Here are three examples:

Published Articles:  I’ve had a number of articles published in more traditional formats (see vitae for a full listing)  This article, published by the Texas Computer Education Association, was in there November 2010 issue of TechEdge.  It reflects some early thinking about designing learning spaces:

My Photography:  my favorite picture I have ever taken.   This is the Oregon coast at Cannon Beach.  The pointed “rock” in the center of the photo is Haystack Rock, a 22 story sea stack.


My photography:

David Jakes' My Photography photoset David Jakes’ My Photography photoset

My upcoming projects:

Forty is a new project I am developing, along with Ryan Bretag, that will produce “thinking streams” on critical issues in education.   Each thinking stream is composed of forty essential ideas presented in 140 characters or less (with an obvious nod to Twitter).  Each idea is coupled with another reflective question that asks the reader to think more deeply about the 140 character concept, and develop a written answer.   After completing all forty ideas, the reader will have a completed stream on their thoughts regarding that essential educational issue.




Speaking Opportunities:  if you are interested in having me speak at your conference or event, please contact me directly at:  david at

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  1. Steve Braatz says:

    I saw your presentation at the Wisconsin GAFE Summit at Sun Prairie High School last weekend. In you presentation you showed a desk that was irregularly shaped and could raise and lower. Do you have any specific information on that desk. My goal this semester is to transform my classroom and I was really intrigued by that particular desk.
    Any other ideas are welcomed as well.
    Thanks for any assistance.
    Steve Braatz

  2. David, I am looking for a good way to contact you about a possible speaking engagement for my association of independent, private, PreK-12 schools. Thank you, Heather

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