Are You Designing for Mobile?

Worldwide, more people have access to smartphones than toilets… When you design learning experiences that include technology, do you design with mobile technology in mind?  I’m talking about all types of tools that comprise a mobile ecology:  laptops, tablets and smartphones. If you are a 1:1 school, or a BYOD school, are you intentional about […]

Words Matter | Catalyst

 Catalyst. Something that encourages a reaction to take place.  Catalysts are never consumed by the reaction, they just help it occur. When I taught students biology, catalysts were always an important topic as they are involved in just about everything the human body does.  When students learned about DNA replication, they learned about DNA helicase, DNA […]

Words Matter | iPad

iPad A tablet device from Apple Inc., currently in its second iteration, that runs things called apps (applications).  Wildly successful. Often labeled a “game-changer.” Go to any education event now, and you’ll see them.  In fact, go anywhere.  They’re everywhere. I have one and its nice.  And I’ll even admit they’re pretty cool, slick devices. That’s […]