Educon 2.7 and Imagining Digital Spaces for Learning

On Sunday, during Session 4, I’m leading a conversation on imagining digital spaces for learning.  With the investment in ubiquitous technology, it’s time to talk about what that technology connects to beyond Google Apps.  The time for dedicated digital spaces for learning that share a partnership with the physical space, but can stand alone on […]

Words Matter | Boundaries

Boundaries. Boundaries represent limits.  Lines in the sand.  Something not to cross.  And if you do so, you do so at your own peril. Staying within boundaries means coloring within lines.  If I was a kindergarten teacher, I’d give a kid an A+ for completing a coloring with everything outside the lines colored. (FULL DISCLOSURE:  I don’t […]

Educon 2.4 | Philadelphia, PA

I’ll be at Educon 2.4 in Philadelphia this January.  I’ll be leading a conversation entitled “What If,” designed to give participants an opportunity to do some divergent thinking and visioning.  I see too much “blinder thinking” in education and this will be a simple attempt at helping people rethink their thinking, and how they develop […]