The Culture of a Learning Experience

If you were asked to identify the most important elements of your school’s culture, what would they be?  I’m talking about the things that make your school your school, the things you are most proud of. Take a minute and write down your top three. Your answer is important.  Perhaps you wrote about how students […]

Your Climate Your Culture

The climate and the culture of your school are not the same thing. The culture of a school is represented by its shared beliefs, it’s ceremonies, its nuances, the traditions, and the things that make the school unique.  School culture takes a great deal of time to create.  It doesn’t happen overnight.  It happens over years. The […]

Words Matter | Report Card

Written at Educon, January 27, 2013 Report Card. Definition:  An object for communicating performance, typically from school to parent, based on five letters of the alphabet.  Traditionally delivered by mail and then intercepted by crafty and wiley students. For me, the report card joins the rank of those things I consider to be legacy elements […]

Developing the Design Mind

Over the past two years, I’ve challenged myself to develop an understanding of the design thinking process.  Most of my work has been long hours of independent study, but my grasp on the process has been greatly aided and influenced by working with Christian Long, Trung Le, and Melanie Kahl of The Third Teacher+, Laura […]

Words Matter | Instruction

Instruction. Definition:  The process or act of imparting knowledge (The Free Dictionary).  Typically done by teachers. Does your school focus on instruction?  Does your organization seek to improve instruction? That’s a worthy goal, right?  I think that most would agree that improving instruction is one aspect of school improvement. But, in the end, it might […]

Are You Behind?

Are you behind? During my most recent presentations, I’ve asked audiences where they are at with designing and providing digital spaces for learning.  I’m not talking digital courses here, but just a dedicated space for learning online that is school-supported, and with an expectation for use.  I’m looking for spaces that provide students with access […]

Words Matter | Clarity

 Clarity Definition:  clearness or lucity as to perception or understanding; freedom from indistinctness or ambiguity… There are times when you see things cleary, times when the path and course are illuminated with focus and purpose. During these times, seeing with clarity can lead to conviction, and conviction to action. At other times, the ability to […]

Words Matter | Professional Development

Professional Development. An event where teachers gather and learn about some aspect of education. Typically, schools offer professional development days and most have professional development programs.  Some schools even have specialized professional development events like “Technology Tuesdays” and my all-time personal favorite, the “Lunch and Learn.”  Professional development is also referred to as “staff development” […]

Learning at the Speed of Technology | NYSCATE Summer Leadership Conference

I’ll be in Troy, New York for the NYSCATE/SAANYS Summer Leadership Institute on July 26 and 27, 2012. It’s my honor to do the opening keynote for the conference and support the essential work of NYSCATE and SAANYS (School Administrators Association of New York State). The conference theme is the “changing landscape of the digital […]

What If? | NYSCATE Summer Leadership Conference

What If? has probably become my favorite presentation as I can go in many different directions with it.  I just did a “What If?” Ignite session at ISTE (I begin at 23.57) – 5 minutes of presentation across 20 slides with the slide deck advancing every 15 seconds.  It was an interesting experience to say the […]