Education as Container

As a profession, and as an experience, K-12 education in the U.S. is containerized. There are containers that delineate roles:  administrators, teachers, staff, students, and parents.  And that’s just a start. There are containers that represent experiences:  classrooms, instruction, assessment, curriculum, bell schedule, the school year, and professional development. It’s even possible to represent a […]

Denaturizing Learning

I’m sure everyone reading this has fried an egg. If you haven’t, you basically heat up a skillet, add a little butter, crack the egg into the skillet and wait a couple of minutes, flipping it once. You’ll notice that there is a yolk and some clear gel-like substance when the egg is added to […]

Not So Fast…

I just had the opportunity to present at the GAFE Southern Summit in Atlanta over past weekend.  One of my sessions introduced participants to the process of design thinking.  While it is a challenge to “do” design thinking in an hour, I had a great group and it was a lot of fun. I’ve been […]

Words Matter | Googleable

Googleable. Definition:   being able to find information about something by using the search engine Google. For example, and from the video:  When was Custer’s last stand? That’s a Googleable question.  Questions that are “googleable” can be answered by simply doing a Google search.   Ask a question, the student types it into Google and […]

Teacher as Learner: I’ve Got Questions

Your school makes a major move, a large scale disruption away from normal. How will teachers get ready for this?  What’s the conversation surrounding that change sound like? You hear things like:  When will training occur?  Who will be doing the training?  Will I get paid for attending the training?  Is training mandatory? How much […]

Words Matter | Catalyst

 Catalyst. Something that encourages a reaction to take place.  Catalysts are never consumed by the reaction, they just help it occur. When I taught students biology, catalysts were always an important topic as they are involved in just about everything the human body does.  When students learned about DNA replication, they learned about DNA helicase, DNA […]

Preparing for New Learning Spaces

What will you design? I recently received a request to discuss my ideas on what a school district should consider when preparing to build a new school.  As you might expect for any school district, developing an answer to this question is a daunting and challenging task but one that should be met with the […]

Words Matter | Instruction

Instruction. Definition:  The process or act of imparting knowledge (The Free Dictionary).  Typically done by teachers. Does your school focus on instruction?  Does your organization seek to improve instruction? That’s a worthy goal, right?  I think that most would agree that improving instruction is one aspect of school improvement. But, in the end, it might […]

Are You Behind?

Are you behind? During my most recent presentations, I’ve asked audiences where they are at with designing and providing digital spaces for learning.  I’m not talking digital courses here, but just a dedicated space for learning online that is school-supported, and with an expectation for use.  I’m looking for spaces that provide students with access […]

TCEA TEC SIG | Learning at the Speed of Technology

I’ll be returning next week (October 3-5, 2012) to one of my favorite towns, Austin, Texas to keynote the TCEA Technology Coordinators Special Interest Group (TEC SIG).  It’s always my honor to work with the fine people in Texas and see some of my friends, who I can honestly say have become some of my […]