Think Bigger

How big do you think? What constraints limit your practice and how you think about education and learning?  Do you consciously try to reduce or remove those barriers and boundaries by being a learner? And when you look at new things, new opportunities, what do you wonder about?  What’s your first question when you see […]

Teacher as Learner: I’ve Got Questions

Your school makes a major move, a large scale disruption away from normal. How will teachers get ready for this?  What’s the conversation surrounding that change sound like? You hear things like:  When will training occur?  Who will be doing the training?  Will I get paid for attending the training?  Is training mandatory? How much […]

Are Your Students Ready?

One of the first questions asked when a school goes 1:1 is about how they will prepare teachers for the big change about to happen. I’m wondering if the better question would be about preparing their students. How comfortable are your students with the way in which learning now occurs in your school? Do they […]

The Culture of a Learning Experience

If you were asked to identify the most important elements of your school’s culture, what would they be?  I’m talking about the things that make your school your school, the things you are most proud of. Take a minute and write down your top three. Your answer is important.  Perhaps you wrote about how students […]

Your Climate Your Culture

The climate and the culture of your school are not the same thing. The culture of a school is represented by its shared beliefs, it’s ceremonies, its nuances, the traditions, and the things that make the school unique.  School culture takes a great deal of time to create.  It doesn’t happen overnight.  It happens over years. The […]

The Six Factors of Sticky

A number of years ago I did a keynote at TechForum Chicago on The Seven Factors of Sticky.  In the presentation, I explored what was required to make some type of new technology “stick,” and become an essential contributor to learning.  In this post, I’m revisiting the idea, and updating it (now 6 ideas) to reflect […]

Test Kitchen

What’s your library like? If it’s like most school libraries, that’s a pretty obvious answer -books, tables, circulation desk, some reference stations, a computer lab or two – you get the picture. There’s nothing wrong with that of course.  What I’ve just described has worked for a long time and has served schools and students […]

Preparing for New Learning Spaces

What will you design? I recently received a request to discuss my ideas on what a school district should consider when preparing to build a new school.  As you might expect for any school district, developing an answer to this question is a daunting and challenging task but one that should be met with the […]

Developing the Design Mind

Over the past two years, I’ve challenged myself to develop an understanding of the design thinking process.  Most of my work has been long hours of independent study, but my grasp on the process has been greatly aided and influenced by working with Christian Long, Trung Le, and Melanie Kahl of The Third Teacher+, Laura […]

Words Matter | Instruction

Instruction. Definition:  The process or act of imparting knowledge (The Free Dictionary).  Typically done by teachers. Does your school focus on instruction?  Does your organization seek to improve instruction? That’s a worthy goal, right?  I think that most would agree that improving instruction is one aspect of school improvement. But, in the end, it might […]