Words Matter | Boundaries

Boundaries. Boundaries represent limits.  Lines in the sand.  Something not to cross.  And if you do so, you do so at your own peril. Staying within boundaries means coloring within lines.  If I was a kindergarten teacher, I’d give a kid an A+ for completing a coloring with everything outside the lines colored. (FULL DISCLOSURE:  I don’t […]

Words Matter | Textbook

  Textbook A book filled with text. And pictures. Textbooks are a leftover from an era when information was analog, scarce, and proprietary. Sometimes textbooks even have math problems, and sometimes these are story problems, which still strike fear into the heart of every person who ever attended school.  I’m still not sure today how […]

Words Matter | Blinders

Blinders. From Google:  define blinders: 1.  A pair of small leather screens attached to a horse’s bridle to prevent it seeing sideways and behind.  2.  Something that prevents someone from gaining a full understanding of a situation. Evidently, blinders, or blinkers as they are called as well, are designed to keep a horse from looking backward, […]